Starting in the mid-1970s, California public entities were unable to purchase some types of insurance and/or obtain affordable coverage in the commercial market. By the mid-1980s, commercial liability insurance was virtually unavailable for public entities.

As a result, California state legislation was enacted to authorize public entities to self-insure and pool their assets to jointly control their risks and pay their claims.

The Public Entity Risk Management Authority (PERMA) was created in 1985 for the purpose of jointly funding programs of insurance. PERMA is a statewide agency consisting of thirty-one public entity members.

PERMA is not driven by profit – rates are driven only by the membership’s experience and exposure.

PERMA has developed public entity risk retention pools for general liability and workers’ compensation coverage. PERMA also offers coverage options in property, vehicle, special events, crime, employment practices liability, and employee benefits.

Matthew Schenk President City of Perris
Marjorie De La Cruz   Vice-President Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
Thomas Prill Member-At-Large City of San Jacinto
Tom Cody Member-At-Large City of Colton
Darcy Wigington Member-At-Large City of Barstow
Diego Chavez Member-At-Large City of Murrieta
Kofi Antobam Treasurer, Member-At-Large City of Rancho Mirage

Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

  • Each member selects a Director and alternate
  • The Board sets PERMA policy (e.g. funding, confidence levels, programs, coverages, services, etc.)
  • Three Board meetings are held each year
  • Each member, regardless of size, is afforded one vote

Executive Committee

  • Seven members are elected from the Board to serve on the Executive Committee for two-year terms
  • Meetings are held monthly


  • The Executive Committee elects the President and Vice-President each calendar year
  • The Treasurer is appointed by the Board