Risk Control Services

PERMA contracts with Sedgwick for risk control services.  The services include:

  • On-site training
  • On-site consultation
  • Program development
  • Customized webinar development
  • Phone consultation – (916) 204-0030

As a value-added service, all members have access to technology-based resources through the Sedgwick risk services website.  If you need a user name and login, please follow these instructions (updated March 2024). Click on the following link to watch a short recorded presentation which highlights the services available. These resources include:

For questions regarding the PERMA Risk Control Program, please contact Bill Taylor, Sedgwick Risk Control Manager, at (916) 204-0030, or Beth Lyons, PERMA Executive Director, at (760) 258-4255.

For questions regarding Contractual Risk Transfer, please contact Robert “Bob” May,  (760) 221-8205, of Mainstream Unlimited.

Sedgwick Risk Services Website