The vendors/contractors program provides an option for vendors/contractors, with whom the public entity contracts for services, to obtain liability insurance.  The premium is based on scope of work, length of contract, and contract value.

Members have the option of participating in either of the below programs for this coverage.

Alliant Insurance Services

Penny DeWitt-Holdren, Account Manager
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 6450
1301 Dove Street, Ste 200
Newport Beach, CA  92660
tel:  (949) 756-0271 or direct (949) 660-8142
fax:  Vendor/Contractor (619) 699-0907

Merriwether & Williams

The SPARTA program provides commercial General Liability, Professional Liability, and Non-Owned Automobile Liability insurance coverage to tradesman, artisans, contractors, and tenants who would not otherwise be able to provide the insurance limits needed to successfully bid and compete for public entity business opportunities.

To obtain coverage, the prospective vendor/contractor should contact the program administrator, Merriwether & Williams, via its toll-free number, (800) 420-0555 or submit the online application form at

Merriwether & Williams is responsible for all underwriting decisions and works directly with the vendor/contractor.

Merriwether & Williams provides proof of coverage to the vendor/contractor and collects the premium directly from the vendor/contractor.

Nicole Klink, Client Services Representative
tel: (213) 258-3083

Francis Lopez, Account Assistant
tel: (415) 217-6571