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Office Hours

PERMA Office Hours are designed with the members in mind! Office Hours consist of a 10-15 minute presentation designed to help members learn more about a risk management or insurance topic, or valuable resources, followed by 30 minutes of questions and discussion. Office Hours will close with a facilitated conversation to allow members to share concerns, emerging issues, and great ideas with one another. They are generally held on the second Tuesday of each month, from 3:00 – 4:00 pm (exceptions noted). Register for all sessions or only those in which you are interested, and learn how you can get more from your PERMA membership. We look forward to your participation!


  • Tuesday, October 11: One Member’s Experience with PERMA Resources (Maricela Mejia, Eastvale)
  • Tuesday, November 8: Navigating the new website (PERMA staff)
  • Tuesday, December 13: Liability-focused Assessments (Sedgwick Risk Control)


  • Tuesday, January 10: How ex-mods are calculated (Actuaries/PERMA staff)
  • Tuesday, February 14: Facility Safety Inspections (Sedgwick Risk Control)
  • Tuesday, March 14: What can we do to decrease our costs? (PERMA staff/Sedgwick Risk Control/Finance team)
  • Tuesday, April 11: Practical usage of the financials (budget, premiums, monthly reports) (Finance team)
  • Tuesday, May 9: Critical things you need to know about Liability Claims (PERMA staff/AdminSure)
  • Tuesday, June 13: TBD
  • TBD: Training Resources and Safety Reimbursement Fund Suggestions (Sedgwick Risk Control/PERMA staff)
  • TBD: Did you know PERMA has… (join us to learn more about resources, the benefits program, special event coverage) (PERMA staff)
  • TBD: Retentions, trust accounts, claim payments (Finance Team/PERMA staff)