Business Continuity

Agility Recovery (Agility) offers business continuity management solutions to help agencies plan, train, test, alert, and recover from business interruption. PERMA members have the option to subscribe to Agility Recovery services at a reduced rate. As of July 1, 2021, eleven (11) PERMA members subscribed to the service. Agility provides continuity of operations solutions and operational resiliency if your organization experiences an interruption (severe storm, flood, power outage, or a small-scale isolated event such as a plumbing disaster or IT and connectivity failure). Agility will provide access to the key elements of recovery: power generators, temporary office space, computer and IT technology, and satellite or LTE wireless communications connectivity for phone and Internet access – ensuring continuity of operations.

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Notification of a potential declaration (e.g. fire, server failure, severe weather):

Agility Hotline: (877) 364-9393

Text or email: