Deadly Weapons Response Program


The deadly weapons program (ADWRP) provides insureds with a limit of $500,000 per claim/aggregate. The $2,500,000 aggregate is shared by PERMA Members. The policy deductible is $10,000. The policy also provides sub-limits of $250,000 for first party property damage including business interruption, crises management services, counseling services, funeral expenses, and demo/clearance and memorialization.

Additionally, the policy covers crisis management services (pre and post event).  Pre-event services include providing a security vulnerability assessment and education seminar.  Post-event services include crisis management accessed via a direct call, additional security, counseling, funeral expenses, and monitoring of social media.

Coverage Trigger

An event occurring at a location appearing on your schedule of values on file  where a weapon has been used or brandished (whether or not it is used). A weapon is broadly defined as any portable or handheld device, instrument or substance which is used by the Assailant(s) in a manner to deliberately cause death or bodily injury.

“Weapon” can also include any vehicle (private or commercial land-based vehicle) intended for use on public roads. Some weapons are excluded by the policy such as military vehicles, bombs, nuclear weapons, drones or weapons used with drones.

Deadly Weapons Program Portal

As part of the Alliant Deadly Weapons Response Program (ADWRP), members have access to the Beazley Deadly Weapons Program Portal.  The portal provides access to best practices, protocols, information tools, policies, procedures, and training regarding identifying, planning for and responding to concerning behaviors, violence, and deadly weapons events in workplaces.