Special Events

The special events program provides liability insurance when member-owned premises are used for special events or short-term activities.  Examples include weddings, art festivals, parades, block parties, yoga classes, and member-sponsored events such as job fairs, carnivals, and swap meets.

Event holders and contractors can apply directly on-line or call a toll free number to obtain quotes.  Premium payments are paid directly to the program administrator, relieving the Member from the administrative process.

Members have the option of participating in either Merriwether & Williams Prompt Cover or Alliant Insurance Services program for this coverage.

Merriwether & Williams – PROMPT Cover

How It Works

Merriwether & Williams has a simple online special event application which allows event holders to obtain the required insurance in one swoop. In order for your event holders to have access to this easy-to-use platform, please email karolina@imwis.com to request that your agency, and it’s venues, be added to the online application.

After your agency has been added to the platform, your prospective event holders will visit the following website https://venueliability.com/PERMA to obtain coverage.

  • Select the option that states “I Need Coverage for my Event”
  • Select the Location (Member City) as well as the Venue where the event will be held
  • Next select the event date(s) followed by entering all event details (event name, type of event, daily attendance, etc.)
  • Then the Price Summary will appear with the breakdown of premium and fees provided
  • Once selecting “Continue” enter the Applicant Info (insured name, contact, address, etc.)
  • Enter Payment Information
  • The certificate will be available for download with a copy automatically emailed to the selected Venue

This program has low administrative burden for PERMA members because Merriwether & Williams is responsible for underwriting decisions, collects event holder information and payment, and provides proof of coverage to the event holder and the PERMA member.


Nicole Klink, Client Services Representative
Phone: (213) 258-3083
Email:  nicole@imwis.com


Alliant Insurance Services

Types of Activities to Which This Coverage Applies

Tenant/User Event – an event that is held or sponsored by companies, organizations, or individuals that have been permitted to use your premises. Certificates are issued with the User of the facility as the Named Insured, and the Public Entity as the Additional Insured.

Instructor/Recreation Event – an event that is instructional to its participants. Instructors are not employees of the public entity, but provide instructional services for a fee. (Note: Participant coverage requires signed waivers.)

Nominee Event – an event that is held or sponsored by you, the Public Entity, or by an department or division, thereof. Coverage can be expanded to cover co-sponsors if desired. This is not a self-rated program. All events must be approved and rated by the insurance company. Certificates are issued by Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. with the Public Entity as the Named insured and the Property Owner (if other than the Public Entity) as the Additional Insured.

How It Works

Members administer the program as it relates to “Tenet/User Events” and “Instructor/Recreation Event”, accept funds, issue certificates of insurance, and file quarterly reports with Alliant Insurance Services.  There is no deductible, and the member is added as an additional insured, if entered on the certificate.  Various liability limits are available.

See Special Events Manual for details.


Penny DeWitt, Assistant Account Manager

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 6450
1301 Dove Street, Ste 200
Newport Beach, CA  92660
tel:  (949) 756-0271 or direct (949) 660-8142
fax: (619) 699-0902
e-mail:  pdewitt@alliantinsurance.com

Reporting Claims – Alliant Special Events

All injuries or incidents which occurred during the use of the facilities must be reported promptly, and include the following:

  • Name of event holder
  • Name of public entity
  • Date of occurrence
  • Copy of certificate

All claim information and general claim correspondence should be sent to:
Alliant Insurance Services
Claims Department
100 Pine Street, 11th Floor
San Francisco, CA  94111
tel:  (877) 725-7695
fax:  (415) 403-1466