Crisis Communications: Who Is Telling Your Story?

6/29/23 at 10:00 AM to 6/29/23 at 11:00 AM

Is your agency prepared to handle the next crisis within your community? Critical incidents including mass shootings, public demonstrations and natural disasters can occur in any community. No longer can agencies take the “it will never happen here” approach. How you craft and relay your message to the community during those crisis events is critical to both the professional image and the overall success of your agency. If your agency isn’t telling your story, someone else will.

Join Tamrin Olden, Owner & CEO of TOC Public Relations, to explore how your agency can best prepare to handle communications during crisis situations and the importance of establishing relationships within your community before a crisis occurs.

You’ll learn:

  • How to develop a communications plan along with the legal, policy, procedure and training issues surrounding plans.
  • The importance of transparency and timing of messages.
  • Tips for improving media relations.
  • How to address common mistakes made during crisis communications.

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