Cybercrime Spotlight: Phones

5/18/23 at 11:00 AM to 5/18/23 at 12:00 PM

Mobile devices and BYOD security

With bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work being more popular than ever, the risk of mobile device security breaches is increasing rapidly. In this webinar, we’ll cover the key threats to mobile device security, common gaps in BYOD policies, and methods for protecting your organization’s sensitive data on the go. Key topics will include:

  • Malicious and infected apps
  • Vulnerabilities in mobile apps and operating systems
  • Text message/DM scams and phishing
  • Physical security issues, including lost or stolen devices, and “juice jacking”
  • Risks of social media apps such as TikTok
  • Carrier and app data breaches
  • Effective mobile device management (MDM) to protect your mobile devices and your technology environment

Join us for this fast-paced webinar to learn how to keep hackers out of your pockets—and get a mobile device security checklist.


  • Sherri Davidoff, CEO, LMG Security
  • Matt Durrin, director of response and research, LMG Security
  • Devon DeFreitas, cyber services manager, Beazley


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