Cybercrime Spotlight: Top Threats for 2023

1/25/23 at 11:00 AM to 1/25/23 at 12:00 PM

Cybercriminals are taking hacking to the next level by leveraging ever more sophisticated toolsets and rapidly evolving techniques. Join us to hear about the latest cybercriminal tactics, such as:

  • Software API abuse. Interconnected systems have led to huge technological advancements, but hackers increasingly leverage API weaknesses to bypass security controls and gain footholds in major organizations around the world.
  • MFA flaws and bypass attacks. For years, MFA has been one of the top security controls, but new and updated attack strategies can fool users into approving logins, steal their tokens and codes, or annoy them until they give in and hit “Accept.”
  • Rookie hackers with advanced tools. New and inexperienced hackers now have access to military-grade cyber weapons.  We’ll show examples of new malware-as-a-service offerings such as the Eternity Project that lower the technical barriers to entry and spur cybercrime.
  • Technology supply chain attacks. Hackers are targeting lesser-known software libraries and utilities, which are often less protected and yet embedded in software used around the globe. Expect to see the supply chain targeted heavily in 2023.

Join us to learn about the top threats and ways that you can protect your organization in 2023.


  • Sherri Davidoff, founder and CEO, LMG Security
  • Matt Durrin, director of response and research, LMG Security
  • Devon DeFreitas, cyber services manager, Beazley

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