First Responder Wellness Webinar

10/27/23 at 10:00 AM to 10/27/23 at 11:00 AM

Every day, thousands of first responders courageously take on the most unpredictable, high-pressure, chilling, and at times, life-threatening calls. Over time, that can take a serious toll on their health, if left unaddressed. Join Jocko Willink, Dr. David Black, and Mandy Nice as they pave the way for you to reclaim your inner strength and fuel your immediate and long-term wellness success, all by leveraging the Echelon Front Mindsets for Victory and evidence-based best practices for physical and mental wellness.

Presented by:

Mandy Nice, Strategic Wellness Director, Lexipol
Dr. David Black, Cordico Founder, President of Lexipol Wellness Solutions
Jocko Willink, Co-Founder & CEO of Echelon Front, Retired U.S. Navy Seal Officer

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