Conflict at the Fence: Tools to Turn Critics into Advocates

12/15/22 at 11:00 AM to 12/15/22 at 12:00 PM

Police officers manage conflict during daily interactions with the public, including critics who often lack an understanding of the challenges of law enforcement. But how often do officers and other line personnel effectively change community member perceptions? What communication and conflict-reduction tactics are most effective? Join Sergeant (Ret.) Jason Lehman of the non-profit organization “Why’d You Stop Me?” to explore strategies to bridge the cultural gap at the tactical level, embrace conflict and change outcomes—all while increasing officer safety.
You’ll Learn:

  • The four pillars of fairness and how to apply them to potentially combative
  • Ways to better adapt to the needs of your community.
  • Six tools to help resolve calls more positively.
  • How to recognize opportunities to utilize conflict with difficult people to increase
    positive community interactions.

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