Cybercrime Spotlight: How Hackers Go from Zero to Takeover

12/7/22 at 11:00 AM to 12/7/22 at 12:00 PM

All hackers need is the tiniest foothold inside your network, and they can take over, stealing your most valuable data, launching ransomware attacks, and more. This webinar will demonstrate a full real-world takeover, starting with zero access from the Internet. It will show you how hackers:

  • Use low-level employee accounts to access sensitive information
  • Steal usernames and passwords from a single computer and use them the gain more access
  • Elevate their access from standard employee level to administrator
  • Spread throughout your network using normal IT tools to evade detection
  • Leverage seemingly small misconfigurations to fully take over a victim’s environment.

Along the way, tips will be provided for stopping hackers at every stage. Learn how to thwart hackers with simple configuration changes and strong auditing techniques.


  • Sherri Davidoff, founder and CEO, LMG Security
  • Tom Pohl, penetration testing team manager and senior cybersecurity consultant, LMG Security
  • Devon DeFreitas, cyber services manager, Beazley

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