New Legislation Dramatically Changes Handling of Presumptive Workers’ Compensation Claims in California

11/17/22 at 10:00 AM to 11/17/22 at 12:00 PM

Session Description: SB 1127 was recently signed into law by Governor Newsom and it will dramatically change the way presumptive workers’ compensation claims are handled in California. PARMA is happy to present a webinar featuring Brenna Hampton (Hanna Brophy), Jonathan Liff (Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi) and Jim Cotter (Mullen & Filippi). This webinar moderated by PARMA Vice President Jeff Rush (California JPIA) will touch on the law’s many impacts including:

• The extension of temporary disability benefits for up to 5 years for employees with a presumptive cancer case
• The reduction of the current 90 day discovery window to 75 days
• The establishment of a penalty of up to $50,000 for each claim that is “unreasonably delayed”
• The retroactive application of the law

Please join us for this important and informative discussion.

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